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6/9/2017. Five hours

As you can see below, a 90 angle now comes out of the mechanical fuel pump intake side to the fuel feed line.

I am mostly please with the routing of this fuel line now. The other fitting, a 45 was a botch to remove, had to use a dremel as when I was spinning it out it ran into the prop governor base, so it was a dremel or remove the fuel pump, no thank you.

Also had a conversation on the phone w Tom of tsflightlines, sent him the image below, and he suggested changing the direction of the fitting allowing a straight hose end coming off that instead of a 90 as I had planned. Then a straight fitting (ordered from spruce) into the red cube. Then a 90 fitting coming out of the downstream side of the cube to a longer hose which I must order from him. Also sending in the hose from the throttle body to the spyder to be shortened by four inches, it come unnesasarily close to the exhaust. And the after angle of the fitting.

So order two hoses and have tsflightlines modify one that I already own.


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