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6/7/2017 misc, engine 15 hours

I have been out almost daily, off now for about five weeks, do need to fly several days, but planning on mostly sticking around and getting daily exercise and daily garage work.

Called yesterday to inquire of the Sam James cowl, left message.

I have installed the exhaust from vetterman,

drilled and installed EGT sensors,

drilled and installed air oil seperator check valve onto the exhaust,

fabricated a part or two and attached the pipes to the engine mount.

Worked on the sniffle valve tubing, cut to length and installed partially as I did not anchor the exit end as that will all have to be removed when installing the cowl.

I also called a few days back, to EI in Bend OR reguarding the "Red cube" the fuel flow transducer. I was getting such conflicting information online concerning the mounting. They said the firewall was just fine, and suggested adding a rubber pad for it to sit on as a means of issolationing the vibrations somewhat. To this end, I modified the mount slightly, reversed the orientation somewhat, to help with the hose routing, and mounted it on rubber gromets with some silicone here and there to isolate the cube as best I was able.

I have also been working on the various wiring runs and connections and anchoring with adel clamps.

Manifold pressure tubing

Manifold pressure sensor

Gps puck... did I post this previously ?


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