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5/10/17. Alternator & manifold pressure lines and cht sensors install. 6 hours

Alternator, installed and wire-tied, except last tensioning bolt as I suspect the flywheel will be removed again.

manifold pressure to sensor and t to pmag left and right

Order from McMaster Carr, silicone tubing, and t connections from 1/4 (to manifold press sensor) to 1/8 tubing going to p-mag connections

Put a ruducer in, in the primer hole on the back of number 3 cyclinder. A lightly squeezed an427-4 river, drilled and pushed in as a reducer, it was a Pretty tight fit, perfect.

1/4 high temp cyclicone tubing attached, Need to find a better way than these zip ties to secure this manifold pressure tube, hose clamp I suppose.

Zip ties on engine mount to be replaced by adel clamps.

Cht sensors installed, used spark plug anti seize.


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