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4/29/2017 3 hours working, many hours scratching head.

This was from yesterday, and I'll say three hours of work although I was there much longer.

Lots of reading and looking around trying to get this all figured out. So in doing some research, the prop governor head can be rotated for proper orientation. Which I did and then had to re safety wire it back, which is sorta fun, but requires a bit of practice, thank you youtube.

So, old orientation,

New orientation.

I was not thrilled about the mounting bolts on the governor not being safety wired, so I went o the aviation department at ace hardware and added another bolt and lockwasher combo, I'll thread mark them as well.

Oil pressure restrictor installed.

I know where and how the manifold pressure is tapped into,

but need to call the p-mag people to make sure.. Do I tap in together the two p-mags and the sensor for manifold pressure downstream ?

The fuel line from the mechanical fuel pump needs to be changed as there is a fitting that I have to install to get access for fuel pressure sensor line. It may or may not be in the way when hanging the engine, so I am going to wait, (which may happen this afternoon, cross fingers) and if it turns out to be in the way, hopefully it will be easy to remove quickly?

Current setup, and where the engine mount is.

And what it will be modified to, shown on plans.



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