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April 21, 2017 6 hours, firewall mostly

Good day, long day.

Moving on without finishing the canopy continues. Mostly all day, but we will call it six hours as there were loads of breaks here and there. Drilled routing in subpanel and ran EGT and CHT lines,

Mounted the ANL fuse holder that arrived today, sans fuse (backorder), which had to be modified, as the schematic that was on their websight was not correct, (and I had drilled the firewall and made a doubler based on that schematic, grr). it worked out fine, but really ? come on guys.

Original mount

Modified slightly, to match dementions I had planned for when I drilled firewall.

And minuted. ANL 60 amp fuse holder and shunt below that. Ordered $2.82 in copper today ($7.00 shipping) to connect them.

Bad photos but sealed up and riveted (solo) the firewall access, whatever that is called again, where they make space for the oil filter, anyway,

Sealed and riveted that up. Done. Boom! 


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