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April 20, 2017. Forty, yes, forty hours.


.. It just all was deleted when I tried posting an image. Anyway, where was I ? Dave's plane is flying and he was behind me last sept when I met him.. I am upping my game, most everything bought and paid for, and here, or to be delivered soon. One exception, the prop, $10,500 work of german pretty is still being made somewhere in Germany, to arrive in about a month and a half they say, and I have just made a deposit on that, but everything else..

Engine, in garage.

Nice eh ?

Wanna nuther ?

cowl, paid for and being made, to ship soon.

Exhaust also paid for to ship soon.

Engine pre heater, in living room

Firewall forward engine finish kit from vans, living room

Sensor and wiring for engine from AFS, living room…

And much more I am sure. My bank account has been quivering.

So, engine mount, mounted,

This eve I trimmed below on the fuselage where the main gear goes in to allow main gear to go in, looks weird from this angle but I am actually pleased with how it turned out.

Manifold pressure sensor mounted.

Master and starter solenoid mounted.

Doubler for shunt and ANL fuse that mount right below them riveted and installed, not photo however.


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