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10/27/2015 4 hrs
Odds and ends. Had to remove enough rivets from left side baggage floor to lift up and gain access, had to drill holes for snap bushings, for pitot and aoa lines, from wing root, in one bay (see photo two) and aft thru f-705 bulkhead, and next aft cargo bulkhead to get them to the ADHARs in the back,  Drilled holes for left side com antenna as well, had only planned on one radio, changed my mind. Expect Advanced flight systems instruments to be shipped at the end of the week, cross fingers.

Snap bushings and hangers to guide pitot and AOA lines thru F705 under baggage area and aft

Left side com antenna drilling, and snap bushings for pitot and aoa line

Mostly finished (riveted) baggage compartment


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