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10/22/2016 A missed year.
So it has been a year and a few months, I tried to use kitlog pro, but cannot get it to consistently work and their  tech support is so sporatic and inconsistent as to be totally useless. I'm done with that, coming back here, and will try to rebuild the last year of work, fortunately, I work at such a snails pace that it is not over whelming. I hope live journal will file these in chronological order and not the dates that I made the entry. Working on the canopy frame currently, had hoped to get the canopy cut before the temps came down, that's not going to happen, so I will press forward with the canopy frame itself, all but the canopy cutting, which I will do in the spring, also getting the engines somewhere around March 01, 2017. A titan IOX-370.
emails and reply from vans yesterday.

Letter to Vans tech support, Gus.

Hi Gus,
Still working on my canopy release in my 7 tip up. Just getting it all put it all together,  it seems the hole in the F-643 is not big enough to allow the canopy release link (C-622) enough room to move thus pulling the pin that holds the frame in place.
Inline image

Inline image

Inline image
 Suggestions ?
Kelly Stevens 73089

and the reply..

You can trim the hole in the F-643 further aft – see dwg 24A, the hole goes much closer to the aft flange than what you have there.

Removing some more from the F-697 is OK also.


Van's Aircraft, Inc.



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