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4/28/2017 6 hours, between yesterday and today.

Let's see, bunch of little items in preparation for engine hanging.

With Nye yesterday, did some of the work on the connections between the master and starter solenoids, the copper bars, and finished that up today. Still awaiting the ANL fuse to finish much of the process.

Today drilled and placed elbow thru firewall for fuel line, after riveting the doubler yesterday with Nye.

Enlarged holes where the adel clamps that hold the oil pressure line to the firewall located.

Mounted several fittings, one for the oil pressure line one for the fuel pressure line, to the sensor block on the firewall.

Unboxed engine, and found the fittings for oil cooler in and oil cooler out already mounted, woop woop. Mounted oil pressure restrictor fitting in engine block, mounted oil temp sensor in its home (and safety wired for the first time, looks mostly good) and prop governor..  Grr, prop governor.

The control arm is totally upside down from where it needs to be? With a search in vans airforce, seems the whole head can be rotated with a loosening of the screws that hold it in place, tomorrows work. Where is that MT manual, and is there a reference to it in the build manual ?



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