April 21, 2017 6 hours, firewall mostly

Good day, long day.

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April 20, 2017. Forty, yes, forty hours.


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Last day of 2016. 1 hour

Page 9-5, drilled one half of the C-640 canopy splice plate as called forthrid paragraph down on page. One of the holes, (and I remeasured to be certain I did not screw it up, hit one of the machined holes in the f-631a (canopy) channel.. I added a hole on either side of that and will just match drill the two misplaced holes for asthetics and move forward.


Weird, I remeasured and was correct...

But this will, drill the weird hole out to match for aesthetics, and add a hole on each side of that. Done.

Nov. 12, 2016 Canopy, 2 hours.
Struggled to get going, but then Nye came out to the garage.
I turned him loose on the layout and drilling of the C-613, canopy splice plates and they look good, he did a good job.
They need to be deburred and primed and they will be ready.

C-613 canopy splice plates (DWG-49) (and 17 y/o dork...)

I tracked down and started the layout for the C-603 canopy side trim,

as well as the canopy lift handle,

A good couple of hours.

Canopy frame work, 2 hours, 9-4 in build manual.
Worked mostly on this livejournal deal today, making sure is was as up to date as I was able. I did lose some days that will go unrecorded as I wrestled with kitlog pro. So today I drilled out the hinge brackets and installed the bushing,  which now looks like this on both sides.

also enlarged holes on C-614 canopy splice plate, then deburred, primed and riveted in place.


11/01/2016 2 hrs
I'm going to make daily entries when I work. Promise. Watch.

Canopy release work continues.

Shortened canopy release handle. Mounted on sub-panel and thus only accessible on the ground, I will not be able to jettison the canopy in flight.

Installed, looking forward on sub-panel.

And looking aft, behind subpanel.

10/30/2016 1.5 hours.
Have been pestering the Kitlog Pro guy, today I recieved an email from him, he is nice enough but certainly way less than helpful. Anyway, with any luck I should be able to get that program open and transfer all the data back here for the last year.

Worked briefly on the canopy release mechanism today, looks sorta rough but will make sure its all cleaned up and primed soon.

Took a bit of work to get it all working smoothly, see the notch in the release arm.

10/22/2016 1 hour
As I forgot to put plate nuts on the F-697 channel prior to riveting, now I need to install plate nuts with blind rivets, no problem I hope.
Here they are drilled but not cleaned up.

10/22/2016 A missed year.
So it has been a year and a few months, I tried to use kitlog pro, but cannot get it to consistently work and their  tech support is so sporatic and inconsistent as to be totally useless. I'm done with that, coming back here, and will try to rebuild the last year of work, fortunately, I work at such a snails pace that it is not over whelming. I hope live journal will file these in chronological order and not the dates that I made the entry. Working on the canopy frame currently, had hoped to get the canopy cut before the temps came down, that's not going to happen, so I will press forward with the canopy frame itself, all but the canopy cutting, which I will do in the spring, also getting the engines somewhere around March 01, 2017. A titan IOX-370.
emails and reply from vans yesterday.

Letter to Vans tech support, Gus.

Hi Gus,
Still working on my canopy release in my 7 tip up. Just getting it all put it all together,  it seems the hole in the F-643 is not big enough to allow the canopy release link (C-622) enough room to move thus pulling the pin that holds the frame in place.
Inline image

Inline image

Inline image
 Suggestions ?
Kelly Stevens 73089

and the reply..

You can trim the hole in the F-643 further aft – see dwg 24A, the hole goes much closer to the aft flange than what you have there.

Removing some more from the F-697 is OK also.


Van's Aircraft, Inc.


10/20/2016 Canopy lock. 4 hrs
Still playing catchup with posts, the jumping between software for keeping a record has caused some gaps.

Found a lock approach that I really liked for the canopy, granted it is just to keep the honest, honest, but the idea of leaving my canopy unlocked as it sits on a ramp, unattended seems unpalatable.
So, I received extra lock tumblers with my instruments, so they are keyed the same as the ignition, perfect.


and unlocked. Bam.


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