a month of missed entries. 88 hrs

So I have been vacationing or staycationing, trying to get a bunch done. Limited success. But in images, some updating.

The vans supplied hardware for the throttle linkage.

The kelly fabricated linkage all hooked up.

Mixture linkage

Bell crank for mixture linkage

Throttle linkage

Fireproof sleeve hoses to and from fuel transducerBad image sorry

Prop governor linkage attached, had to fabricate small piece to allow room to get linakage attached to arm.

Lots of adel clamps

Some baffling work.

Fuel hose to throttle body from fuel transducer.

Fabricated piece for back of baffling.

6/9/2017. Five hours

As you can see below, a 90 angle now comes out of the mechanical fuel pump intake side to the fuel feed line.

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6/08/2017. Five hours.

Fiveish hours today, wire runs, hooked up and mounted, hopefully for the final time, the red cube fuel flow transducer.

Cut the hose from air/oil separator to the exhaust, and added a check valve w hose as a bypass if the exhaust valve were to get clogged.

6/7/2017 misc, engine 15 hours

I have been out almost daily, off now for about five weeks, do need to fly several days, but planning on mostly sticking around and getting daily exercise and daily garage work.

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5/21/2017 misc, engine mostly. five hours.

Don't ever leave this page when filling it out, you will lose everything, trust me on this. A bit of off an on today and yesterday as well. All but two of the cotter pins for the engine/engine mount/ firewal attachment are complete. Worked on the heater vent valve yester, nearly complete, cut to length and fitted and all, but had to order some hardware from aircraft spruce. 14$ in hardware, 12$ in shipping... grr..  Started the various attachments and linkages required for throttle and mixture cables to engine attachemnts.

Mount for Cable end for throttle cable.

Fabricated a mount and mounted the "red-cube" aka fuel flow tranducer to the firewall.

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5/19/17 misc engine stuff 8 hours

A wee update, I was away for a week but have worked the last few days in the garage. Arranginging wiring thru the firewall,

and installing the Reiff engine preheater.
The preheater involves cyclinder bands, (I safety wired the bands shown here)

and an oil sump heater that is epoxied to the oil sump. Later when I install the oil cooler it will also get a heater pad epoxied to the cooler.

5/10/17. Alternator & manifold pressure lines and cht sensors install. 6 hours

Alternator, installed and wire-tied, except last tensioning bolt as I suspect the flywheel will be removed again.

manifold pressure to sensor and t to pmag left and right

Order from McMaster Carr, silicone tubing, and t connections from 1/4 (to manifold press sensor) to 1/8 tubing going to p-mag connections

Put a ruducer in, in the primer hole on the back of number 3 cyclinder. A lightly squeezed an427-4 river, drilled and pushed in as a reducer, it was a Pretty tight fit, perfect.

1/4 high temp cyclicone tubing attached, Need to find a better way than these zip ties to secure this manifold pressure tube, hose clamp I suppose.

Zip ties on engine mount to be replaced by adel clamps.

Cht sensors installed, used spark plug anti seize.

5/4/2017 three hours.

A wee update, as days have passed, I have been working, work work, not garage work, but I have been getting out for an hour here or there. So, air oil separator from aerosplat mostly installed,

need to get the plug out of the crankcase where the oil returns, and the portion of it that ties into the exhaust, since I have no exhaust yet, has yet to be done, But looking good thus far. Sensors installed in the sensor block,

Sniffle valve

Fuel pressure hose, that goes to pressure sensor, downstream of the mechanical fuel pump.

Odds n ends.

A 3k order with aircraft spruce yesterday, seat belts, two Bose headsets, high temp antiseize, and a bunch or fiberglass supplies.


four hours 4/30/2017 engine hung !

Hung and done. Four hours total perhaps, set up and head scratching n such. Maybe two hours of wrestling with engine? W jack and eric, went reasonably smooth. Had to pull off fuel line, but not anything else. More tomorrow.



Post gloating.

Saweet. This shows none of the wrestling just the end result. Pretty pleased.


4/29/2017 3 hours working, many hours scratching head.

This was from yesterday, and I'll say three hours of work although I was there much longer.

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