8/29. 5 hours. Bottom section 8-19
Again, over a couple of days on this entry.

looking forward from baggage area, canopy frame attachment, see dwg-40

bottom of canopy frame, holes drilled for bolts that attach 631 brackets to 705 bulkhead, two aft screws remain on each side then I can deburr, prime and mount each one.

8/25/15. 8 hours
Eight hours over a few days that is...
Finished canopy frame, now for the installation. It looks really good I think and it's alway shocking how flimsy parts, when riveted together get so solid and stiff.

Primed and ready for assembly.

F-732d installed, aft side of f-631 canopy frame.

Forward side riveted.
(Viewing back side)

Blind rivet refuse.


8/20/15 3 hours
Nearly, very close, to taking apart f-631 and deburing, counter sinking and priming. Productive day.

8/19/15 20 hours.
This is page 8-19 constructing the cabin frame, I skipped all the wing attachment stuff till in hangar.

So I finished, well to the point of starting to rivet together, the f-631 cabin frame. This serves as both a rollover protection bar and a joint between the fixed back window and the tip up front portion of the canopy. And discovered I had screwed some measurements up, enough so that a redo was justified. I received all the parts upon my return from a five day work trip, and attacked it yesterday. Labeled pictures follow.

Clamped to table for measuring

In vise, mark one side, match it to the other side and start drilling size 40 holes (enlarged to 30 later)

Now for front half tomorrow, then I'll enlarge all the holes to size 30 for ad-4 rivets, prime and prep and such.

8/04/15 20 hours
Catching up on posts, the most (?) difficult part, the paper work.

5/27/15. 15 hours
So it's been since the 1st since my last post, hand full of small details.
Fuel tank vent lines.

Braided brake lines

Hinges to seat floor, 5/01/15 3 hours
Hinges to seat floor, prep and riveting. Nye for about an hour at the end. The remainder of the holes still need deburing and edges smoothed, but hinges installed..


Nye and Kelly


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